How to Build a Food Delivery App Like Zomato & Swiggy?


Food is one of the man’s most ultimate necessity. With the advancement of mobile applications restaurant apps and food delivery applications like Zomato, Swiggy etc have entered the market. They are currently a powerful alternative for cooking the food ourselves or the dine in service at the restaurants. This have led to the growth of cloud kitchens and take away counters in the market..

The food delivery app like Zomato or Swiggy enables the customers to purchase their favourite dish from their favourite menu with just a few taps on their mobile devices. These mobile apps enable the restaurant to gain an additional source of revenue and help to serve their best dishes to their customers without lose in quality and taste. Customers can enjoy their favourite food at their own comfort. The food delivery apps save a lot of time for the customer and the restaurant.

COVID 19 & Food Delivery App Development


During the pandemic, the restaurant businesses were the first to restart and emerge back into full swing. This was done mainly through mobile apps of their own or registered themselves into a food delivery platform like Zomato, Swiggy . This motivated many businesses to restart and kickstarted the economy after the lockdown. The restaurant seeked the help of Food Delivery App Development Companies to develop their own apps. Even platforms like Swiggy and Zomato were replicated and newer food delivery app companies were formed. All this led to the kickstarting the shattered economy and filled the lives of the citizens with a ray of hope & Good Food Makes Everything Better!

Business Models


There are three main keyholders in food delivery applications

1- Customer App

2- Delivery Agent App

3- Restaurant Owner App.

The food delivery app can be developed for two main business models.

Single Restaurant App


The food delivery app can be developed for a single restaurant to assist them to conduct door deliveries more easily. The customers can install the mobile app in their devices and order from this restaurant with a few taps. The restaurant may have only a single branch or multiple branches but they can implement this technology at all of their branches easily.

Multi Restaurant App


In this business model, The food delivery app serves like platform like Zomato, Swiggy where the food delivery company will receive a part of the sale as commission. There can be an unlimited number of restaurants and the customers will have great flexibility while ordering from the food delivery app.

How does a Food Delivery App Work?


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The food delivery app is developed by the food delivery app development companies in such a way that it is easy to use and accessible across devices. Ordering through the food delivery app is relatively easier than calling in or by in restaurant pickup options.

The customer opens the customer of the food delivery app, browse through the menus and select their favourite dish from their favourite restaurant or menu. After that the customer will proceed to checkout where he/she will input his delivery address and choose the mode of payment. The mobile development company should ensure that the payment platforms, wallets integrated are safe and secure to use and easy to operate. After completion of the transaction, the customer will be sent a track id by the admin of the food delivery app where he/she will be able to track and be updated about the status of his/her product.

After the transaction is complete, the restaurant owner and the nearby delivery agent is notified. The restaurant prepares the order and then the order is handed over to the delivery agent. All the three stakeholders will be shared a tracking link so that they can be updated about the orders status, thanks to the live tracking feature implemented by the food delivery app development companies. The smooth integration of these three stakeholders leads to the success of the delivery app.

Key Features


The features implemented by the food delivery app development companies varies from company to company. Some may develop the food delivery app focused on customer satisfaction or focused on ease of running business. This varies from the strategy and the vision of the business owners. Generally following features must be implemented

– Live Tracking

Google Map integration and live tracking will be beneficial for all the stake holders of the food delivery app. The tracking feature will enable all the stake holders to be updated about the status of their orders.

– Multiple payment option

The food delivery app development company should ensure that the payment methods are secure and easy to use for customers of all age group and a proper transparency is maintained. Integration of multiple e wallets and support for various type of credit and debit cards will be beneficial for easy transaction procedures.

– Layout and UI

The app should be designed in such a way that the customers can browse through the app easily and finds the suitable dish. The product images and the details should be placed elegantly. The UI should be optimized so that there are a minimum amount of loading time and the overall experience should be clean and smooth. Customers prefer an app which is easy to use with minimal loading time etc.

– In-App Chat/Call Features

The food delivery app should support in app chat and call option therefore the customer and the delivery agent or the restaurant app admin can communicate with each other. This helps in preventing mishaps, confusions and resolving conflicts. This will also help to maintain the goodwill of the food delivery app and the restaurant business.

Above these features, the stakeholder’s app must contain the following functions.

The Customer App

– Browsing Function

– Add To cart option

– Save Dish Option

– Social Media Login and Integration

– Wallet Integration

– Address Book Data

– Feedback Provision

– Push Notifications

– Share their order or dish with others via social media

– Share their order or dish with others via social media

– Access to Customer Care which is available 24*7

The Delivery Agent App

– Start and End Delivery Feature

– Route Optimization and Map Integration

– Report an Issue Button

– Order Management Dashboard

– Track payments and Payment management dashboard

– Contact Details of customer and restaurant manager

The Restaurant Owner/Admin App

– Order Management

– Payment Management

– Conflict Management

– Admin Login Dashboard

– Analytics and Statistics

Food Delivery App Development Cost


The area the business owner planning to serve or the number of restaurants involved also plays a key role in food delivery app development cost. Regardless of the cost, the business owner or the client has the full control over his app at the end of the development process.

The food delivery app development cost depends on a few factors namely- Scale of the app, Business Model Aimed by the client, Amount of Customization required and finally the policy of the food delivery app development company.

To get more info on the food delivery app development cost, We encourage you to have a conversation with your food delivery app development company.

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