How to Build a Grocery Delivery App | Cost & Key Features


Grocery shopping is considered as a hectic but necessary errand for an individual or for a family to accomplish. The whole procedure is as complex as and some people even lack the flair to do it.

As technology is revolutionising our day to day life. The slogan of going digital is on the rise as never before. The expansion of this revolution has been implemented in the grocery businesses as well. Business owners have started websites for their grocery business. have implemented various type of technologies like cashless payments, in store pickup, home delivery etc.

But as any human being is natural desire to complete a task as soon as possible. Customers have started to prefer faster loading times and easy to use interfaces for their digital marketplace, business owners are forced improve the current technology implemented in their businesses. Therefore this is the most suitable time to invest in developing a grocery app for your business.

Here are few reasons why you should build a grocery delivery app for your business.

– Easy shopping experience

An app for your business will help the customers to complete this necessary errand as soon as possible and save their valuable time. Customers or any humans end motive is to seek comfort. With an app for your grocery business, the customers will have a comfortable shopping experience and potential customers will be soon converted into loyal customers. They can order any item on the shop with just a few taps and complete the whole transaction with multiple payment mode implemented inside the app.

– Efficient running of business

The app will enable the business owners or the store managers to keep an active check on the current orders, stock level, average turnover as the app will provide necessary analytics and data. This will help the business owners to plan their strategy and improve their business accordingly. They can also market other products with this app and feature high sales products so that they can boost the sale of a product. The app can also be used to access employee attendance and employee performance.

– Cost Effective

Developing a grocery delivery app for your grocery business will save you a lot of time,money and efforts for your growing/established grocery business. You can even conduct the regular working of your grocery business with fewer employees using the help of your grocery app. You don’t require many employees to manage the stock and inventories, or even do the billing process. The cost of your grocery app will vary with features you implement and the scale of business you do.


Due to the unprepared pandemic situation, businesses were shut down for a long period. People preferred safer shopping experience rather than fine shopping experience. This lead to a sudden demand for delivery apps and the on demand market. The comfort of shopping and completing your errands from home was a new experience to the consumers and this lead to many startups and businesses during the unprecedented scenario. People found eCommerce as a better alternative as it ensured social distancing and other necessary protocols.

Following Statistics shows why this is the most suitable time to invest in a mobile app for your grocery business.

– Number of downloads of the amazon app increases upto 20-30 percentage.

– By the end of march, Walmart ranked in top of the charts of both Google Play store and iOS App store.

– The recent reports by google shows that, The search number of grocery delivery apps have increased drastically.

Major Business Models that the grocery app can be implemented are

eCommerce Grocery Platform

In this platform, many grocery retail shops will list their products and the customers can purchase these products, whenever and wherever they require. This will boost the sales of the many small scale retail shops.

Existing Business Grocery Platform

An existing business with multiple branches or a single shop conducting business at a large area belong to this platform. The business owners will try to communicate their brand and try to replicate the same customer service to their customers in this platform. This will help to enable brand loyalty among the customers.

Latest Trends in Grocery App Development

– Real Time Analytics and Tracking

The grocery app will give you updates about inventory and stock of your products. The app will also give updates regarding a current order and tracking of orders on the go to the customer and the business owners. The analytics will be beneficial for planning and budgeting purposes. Tracking will boost the shopping experience to a great extent. App development companies have also implemented google maps and GPS for more accurate tracking of orders.

– Better Communication Platforms

The business owners can link their Whatsapp Business accounts in their grocery app for better communication with their customers or they can implement an in-app chat or call features with their grocery app. Customers will be able to reach the business more easily and with less hassle. Customers can share the certain product to others via the in-app share option.

– Better After Sale Service

Apps require regular updates and patches with the constant change of the operating system(iOS/Android). Hence the business owners must ensure regular updates of their app to prevent their grocery app becoming obsolete. Mobile app developers with ethics and professionalism have started to offer free 3-6 months of after sale support to their clients and can continue to avail such service by paying a negligible subscription amount. The app developers will be a part of your app and will be highly cooperative in helping you out in taking your grocery business into the digital marketplace.

Cost Incurred for Grocery App Development

The on demand market is on the rise and its rapid expansion will continue even further, To keep your business on top of the game, plan on implementing suitable innovations in your business

Developing a mobile app for your business is same as expanding your business to other regions. You are enabling more customers to avail your products and services, the key to achieve success from your grocery app is to maintain the quality of your products and ensure the best customer service even in the digital marketplace. The usability of the grocery app should be simplified hence users can complete their shopping within just a few taps.

As there is a sudden growth in startups and self-made businesses amidst the COVID 19 lockdown, there is a sudden rise in grocery app development. But many business owners consider mobile app development for their business is a risky investment but they are unaware of the fact they can avail On Demand apps from the mobile app development companies cost effectively. The on-demand app development takes only very less time compared to custom app development.

The cost of developing your grocery app will vary with the features you desire to implement in your grocery app. As the complexity of the app increases cost of developing increases proportionally. To get a cost effective quote from your developer, make sure you communicate regularly and openly about the grocery app with your mobile app development company hence they will plan and analyse your requirements and will give you a suitable according to your budget and ideas.

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