How to develop a buy-sell classified app like OLX and Craigslist?


Buy-sell classified apps have been in the market for quite some time. But many people are unaware of the business opportunities that arise from the buy-sell classified apps like OLX. These classifieds apps enable users to sell or buy anything with just a few taps on their mobile devices. Wide ranges of services and products are listed in these buy sell classified apps like OLX. In earlier days, people had to look through the classifieds section of the newspaper. With the advancements of mobile computing devices and mobile networks, users can browse for any product or service in the classified apps.

These buy-sell classifieds apps are very dynamic and serve any business models. It can be either B2B, B2C, C2C, wherein case e-commerce sites are mainly B2C. The sources of revenue are numerous, and the user base of the app can increase substantially.

Why should you invest in developing a buy-sell classified app like Olx And Craigslist?


There continually exist a high probability of acquiring a substantially large amount of consumer base. This platform enables multiple sources of revenue with minimal investment.

Let us take a real-life scenario. Imagine that Mr A is planning to purchase a new car of 400,000 INR, but unfortunately, no car fits his budget requirement. Mr A soon looks in the second-hand market or the buy-sell classifieds app like Olx to buy a used car that fits his budget and needs. This happens for every product, even for electronic gadgets.

In the business scenario or the b2b scenario. A company X who plans to purchase a piece of new machinery initially buys used machinery to reduce capital expenditure. When the business owner is financially able to purchase new machinery, he will invest in the latest machinery. The business owner will browse through the classifieds to purchase the used machinery or find the necessary supplies for his new machinery.

This scalable platform will attract many users, and there will be a steady traffic in this platform, so if you are thinking about investing in the development of a buy-sell classifieds app like Olx. The cost incurred for the buy-sell classified app like Olx development will be recovered, and there will be a vast market and user base for your classified app.

Benefits of Buy-Sell Classifieds app like OLX & Craigslist development




– Rapidity: The users can list their products in the buy-sell classifieds app and sell their product immediately. The in-app chat and in-app call function will ease the process of communication with the buyer and seller. The seller must include photos and videos of the product or service he wants to sell and list their products for the particular price they wish to trade.

– Better Reach: If you are a B2B service or product provider or plan to purchase a particular item for the buy-sell classified app like OLX, you can access many buyers and sellers. You don’t have to limit your resources to one seller or one buyer. Your product or service will have a better reach, or you will get access to cost-effective sellers and options.

Admin or Platform Owner


– Multiple Revenue source : If you are a B2B service or product provider or plan to purchase a particular item for the buy-sell classified app like OLX, you can access many buyers and sellers. You don’t have to limit your resources to one seller or one buyer. Your product or service will have a better reach, or you will get access to cost-effective sellers and options.

– Lesser Risk: The buy-sell classifieds app like Olx development cost and running costs is much less than other e-commerce and on demand app development cost. The risk of the buy-sell classifieds app is also minimal as compared to other on-demand mobile applications. The business owners can market and attract potential users with less capital expenditure and avoiding additional costs.

Must-Have Features in a Buy-Sell Classified Apps like Olx & Craigslist


The buy-sell classified app like Olx development company should ensure ease of use and accessibility for all age groups. The design and the layout must be efficient. The following features must be given preference while developing a buy-sell classified app like Olx for your client.

– Feedback Option

The buyer and the seller must have a feature to rate themselves after completing each sale for the future buyers and sellers to approach them respectively; This will help improve the users’ credibility and hence the application. Transparency during a sale must be encouraged. The buyer and the seller should ensure that they are not getting scammed.

– Data Security

The buy-sell classified app development company must ensure the safety of the photos, videos, address, and other users’ information is maintained. The data must be backed up and defended by various safety protocols and authentication to maintain top-notch security for all type of users, including businesses and average consumers.

– Template for Ads

To speed up the product listing process, the sell menu should have a template for each product. There must be a form like structure to fill in the details of the product or the service, and the seller, the seller must be able to list their development within a few minutes. This will enhance the user experience of the mobile app.

– Efficient UI and Layout

The layout of the buy-sell classified app must be elegant and practical. The placing of buttons, the advertisement should be creative. The app must be given a search option to users for searching a particular product. The user always prefers an app with a compelling UI.

Essential Features of a buy-sell app like Olx & Craigslist


For Users


– Push Notification

– In-app chat/call

– Geo location based and nearby ads

– Paid and Free Listing of products

– Login via email/mobile number

– Add images/videos

– Product Details

– Multiple Payment Option

– Social sharing features

– Order Tracking

For Admins


– User Management

– Listed Product Management

– Advertisement Management

– Earning Tracking

– Analytics and Traffic Report

– Recognize Scam and illegal products

– Manage client reviews, reports, feedbacks

– Order Tracking

Buy-Sell Classified App Development Cost


The cost of developing buy sell classified app like olx will depend on many factors.

It mainly depends upon the vision of the business owner. The business owner must choose which platform must he/she release the classified app (Android/Ios). If the budget is less, the business owner must study the market base or the user base and should opt for a single platform.

The location of the classified app development company also plays a role in the cost of developing the buy-sell classified app like Olx . If the classified app development company is in the same region as the client, the communication and the classified app development process will be much more convenient. It is also essential to invest a considerable amount of time, money and resources to improve the UI/UX of the mobile app for ease of use and provide a better experience for the app users. The complexity of the app will also play a role in the buy-sell app development cost. The business owner must ensure all the general features are included and some niche features and technologies are implemented in the application.

If you are looking to invest in a buy-sell classified app development, this Is the right time to launch an application with exciting features which will engage your audience and ensure high traffic. The capital expenditure is minimum, and there are multiple sources of revenue in this platform. Get in touch with us to get a free quote for your buy-sell classified app.

We encourage the business owners to study the market and the overall app development process to gain knowledge and to choose the best mobile app developer for your classified app

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