How to develop a Fantasy Sports App like Dream 11


Fantasy Sport is a type of sporting contest inside various sports like cricket, football where sports enthusiasts can create their own team with real players and participate in contests, enabling them to earn rewards and points converted to real currency. The rewards earned will depend upon the real player’s performance on the ground. This has been an emerging sector in the field of sports. A fantasy sports app like Dream11 has a direct contract with various official team owners. The sports teams, in turn, provide them with player data and team data.

Developing a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 requires a robust solution with advanced network architecture, enabling the users to get regular updates about the team and the match. The UI must be intuitive, allowing the users to access almost all the fantasy sport app features with just a few taps on their mobile devices.

Why you should invest in Fantasy Sports App Development?


Economists stress that Fantasy sports app will be one of the key investors in sporting tournaments and teams. The most recent example of such a scenario is in India, where Dream11 Is the main sponsor of India’s biggest sporting event Indian Premier League (IPL) or now called Dream11 IPL.

The global market revenue will reach about 3 million dollars at the end of 2022. The advancements of high-speed internet and accessibility of smartphones available to almost everyone will contribute to this growth. People don’t miss an opportunity to earn some quick money with minimal effort, and fantasy sports apps will enable them to do so. Sixty per cent of the users of Dream 11 and such fantasy sports apps are of the age group 18-34.

In India, the Fantasy sports app will grow at a much larger scale than the current scenario. The fantasy sports app will enable the sports lovers to test their knowledge and passion for their favourite sports. The fantasy sports app will help the tournament grow and increase viewership as the users must be updated with players’ skills, leading to more and more players watching the tournament to analyze the team’s performance.

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How does a fantasy Sport app like Dream 11 work?


The fantasy sports app has raised the spirits and the enthusiasm levels of the viewers substantially. Let us see how a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 work.

Initially, users have to sign-up for the fantasy sports app via mobile number or email. Some fantasy sports app like Dream11 development company enables the users to login with their social media account to easy synchronization of data across platforms. The users can create their own team before a match, and a user can have multiple teams, which enables them to earn higher points.

The users can choose any players who they think that will perform well in the match and enable them to earn points. The users can choose players till the lineup for the match is announced. The users can choose captains and vice-captains of their fantasy team. Captains and vice-captains will earn bonus points for their performance.

Followed by choosing players, the users can enter into various contests which provides multiple rewards. There will be contests that enable the users to earn significant prizes, medium rewards and low rewards. The contests with high rewards will have high joining fees, and low reward contests will have low joining fees. The contest will also be divided based on the number of competitors; a higher number of competitors will have lesser joining fees but less probability of winning the competition.

The user can enter into any contest they want. At the end of the match, the user can view the points he has won in various competitions: the higher the points, the higher the reward. This is the basic working principle of a fantasy sports app like Dream11.

Sources of Revenue for Fantasy Sports app like Dream11


There a few ways by which the Fantasy Sport App owners can earn revenue. They are:

– Advertisements

The fantasy sports app like dream11 development companies will provide the feature to post advertisement banners, gifs and images for the app owners to advertise other companies and earn revenue from that source. As the user base of the fantasy sports app is increasing, such a base will be beneficial for any company to advertising and marketing.

– Contest Entry Fees

Most of the rewarding contests in the fantasy sports app require users to pay a small entry fee. The admin can list various contests which ensure the users winning a high amount of prizes, cash rewards etc. Some contests which guarantee the participant a prize will have higher entry fees. This depends on the policy and the business model of the fantasy sports app.

– Contracts with sporting tournaments and sports teams

The fantasy sports app like Dream11 companies has tie-ups with both major and minor sporting events. The tournaments and the teams will provide them with player data and match data which, in turn, the fantasy sports app may sponsor the tournament or the teams. The fantasy sport app owners will have a share of the team’s winnings or the proceeds of the tournament. The fantasy sports app must have the necessary capital funding and user base to access this revenue method.


Essential Features in Fantasy Sports app Development


The fantasy sports app like Dream11 app development company must include the following features.


– Social Media Login

– Multiple Payment Option

– In-app Wallet

– Daily analytics and Updates regarding player performance

– Live Scores

– Create Contests

– Refer & Earn

– Winning History

– Personal Dashboard

– Player Records

– Match Records


– Manage Users

– Manage Contests

– Customise Rewards

– Publish Advertisements

– Usage Analytics

– Update Player Analytics

– Manage Payments

– Team Management

– Tournament Management

Advanced Features to be implemented by Fantasy Sports app development companies

– Push Notification

– Match Reminder Feature

– Social Media Sharing

– In-app Group chat

– Loyalty Programmes

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Fantasy Sports App like Dream 11 Development Cost


We hope you have been able to grasp a general idea of how a fantasy sports app development is and the how such an app works. The scale of the app plays an essential role in the fantasy app development cost. The number of sports the app owner wants to access influences the development cost of the fantasy sports app. Some fantasy sports app focuses on a single sport while some apps like Dream11 focuses on a various range of sports from Cricket to Hockey,

The fantasy sports app development company must ensure that the app’s essential features are implemented in the app. The UI and the layout of the app must be easy to use for the sports enthusiast.

To know more about fantasy sports app development cost, we encourage you to have a conversation with your fantasy sports app like dream11 development company

We, Appienz, can help you create a platform for the sports enthusiast to join, test their passion for the sport and win rewards. We will provide you with flawless fantasy sports app solutions and help you reach the industry’s forefront with our state of the art technologies and enhanced user experience.

If you are looking for an opportunity to invest in a fantasy sports app like Dream11 , this is the right time as the sector is in its early growth stage and is predicted to be the key revenue generator in the sports industry. We hope our blog will help you with the development of your fantasy sports app.

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