How To Develop an E-Learning App Like Byjus & Udemy


The world is getting more connected day by day. With the advancement of network and mobile computing devices, everyone has access to endless information and knowledge at their fingertips. At the onset of pandemic and workplaces, schools and classrooms have been forced to go online. The educational sector has been aiming for implementing digital technologies for a long time. The global pandemic has helped to implement it effectively.

Online learning platforms like Byjus, Udemy helps users learn or prepare for any examination or entrance at their comfort. This flexibility in deciding the learning time has thus helped students in managing time and efforts. Online learning platforms like Byjus, Udemy enables learners to learn at their own pace, and the cheaper learning expense has attracted a large amount of user base. The learning experience does not replicate the actual classroom experience, but the latest technologies and plugins have improved the overall learning experience in E-Learning platforms.

The covid pandemic has helped the e-learning apps like Byjus & Udemy to come to the forefront. People were motivated and encouraged to learn new skills and talents. Elearning gained more popularity when the pandemic broke out. Platform like Udemy and Byjus helped the learners to learn whichever skill from whenever they want.

Let us know more about E-learning App like Byjus and Udemy app development.

Why should you invest in E-Learning App Development?


E-learning app is gaining popularity and is on its way to becoming the mainstream source of knowledge platform. E-learning platforms are being accepted as on the same foot as offline learning modes. Colleges, Universities, Cooperate offices are encouraging their members to complete certificate courses which are available through these E-learning platforms like Byjus and Udemy to improve their skill and knowledge base.

Multi-National companies try to maintain the best talent they have by providing regular training and workshops for their employees. Companies use the E-learning apps like Byjus and Udemy for employee training as it is cost and time effective. The secret for success in E-learning apps like Byjus and Udemy App development is delivering quality and creative content for the users.

The Apple App store education is placed third on the most popular category, while on Google Play store, it is placed second. The use of technology in the teaching field or the education field has been increased to 80 per cent from 60 per cent of 2019. According to Forbes, E-learning Industry was worth 166 billion dollars in 2014, but now it is on its way to reaching 325 billion dollars in 2025. The above statistics are sufficient to represent the user base who depend on E-learning apps. Therefore with the rise in demand for e-learning apps, This is the suitable time to invest in E-Learning App Development.

Points to note: E-Learning App Development


There are few points an E-Learning App company should focus on during E-Learning App Development.

Content: The content or the information intended to convey to the users must be helpful and well presented. The presenter must make the best utilization of graphics and pictures to represent the information. Too much graphical and off topic visual representation will distract the user and reduce viewer retention. The content must be structured in a way that the topic discussed is wholly presented. The E-Learning Apps like Byjus & Udemy issue guidelines for instructors to follow and prepare their content accordingly. The quality of content, both topic wise and presentation-wise, must be consistent.

Easy to Use: The E-learning App like Byjus and Udemy follow an efficient and easy to use layout for the users to access. This is vital; if UI is not responsive, the learner may lose interest in pursuing their lesson. The E-learning app development company should focus on designing a UI that is attractive and easy to use.

Engaging: The E-Learning apps like Byjus and Udemy send notifications to the users while they do not open the virtual learning app or miss out on deadlines. This is done to keep the users engaged in the app. The better motivation the app can provide, the better will be the app’s user retention. It can be either badges or points or notification or motivational quotes etc.

Active: The E-learning app development company should provide discussion forum and groups so that the students can interact with the teachers. Discussions and exchange of information will improve the student’s performance

Types of E-Learning App


Engaging: To ease the E-learning app development, the investors can decide the type of E-learning app they want to invest in. The main types of E-learning apps are

1. Courseware


In this type of e-learning app, the app consists of many courses that are maybe of soft-skill or language skill. The user can access these courses by purchasing these courses, and after completing these courses, they will be provided with a shareable certificate. The courses consist of video lectures and quizzes, which can only be streamed within the app. E-learning platforms like Coursera or Udemy work on this similar business model.

2. Virtual Classroom


This e-learning app will allow teachers and students to interact in a live video call and conduct classrooms online. These learning apps simulate the real classroom learning experience for the students and teachers.

3. Quizzes/Mockup Centric


This e-learning app will provide access for the students to numerous test series and quizzes. This will help the students to improve their performance.

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How does an E-Learning App like Byjus and Udemy Work?


E-learning apps have a similar method of working. There are four primary users in an E-learning app, namely



The whole business model is built around students. The students can log in to the app via their email or Mobile Number. They can choose a course or topic they want. The students get a free trial for a certain period of time or topics. The students have to pay a small subscription fee or purchase the whole course and get access to video lectures and mock tests, and The students can get regular updates and analytics about their performance. The E-learning platforms like Byjus and Udemy allows students to access the lectures, lecture notes and mock test papers whenever they want. The E-learning app development provides excellent flexibility for the student users.



The presence of these users depends upon the business model of the e-learning app company. In most scenarios, if the app is focused on young learners, there will be a parents app to keep track of their ward’s progress. E-learning app development company must ensure that while developing a parents app, it should be simple and easy to use and try to avoid any spam content. The analytics should be easy to understand for the parents.



The E-learning app allows teachers to sign up as teachers and post their content according to the guidelines issued by the e-learning app company. The teachers can interact with other teachers and students via discussion forums and groups hence helping their students to perform better.



The admin of the E-learning app company monitors the overall content and activity of the other three users. They can manage users and view statistics. Admin can modify the users and content if it violates the guidelines issued.

Sources of Revenue for E-learning Apps like Byjus & Udemy


Generally, there are three types of revenue models for E-learning apps like Byjus & Udemy.



E-learning app like Byjus follows the same revenue model. The users can pay a certain fixed amount every month to get access to a course and its materials. There will be a basic and premium subscription model, each having its own perks and features. The premium will have all the features of the basic subscription, along with access to a mentor 24*7 and access to more mockup tests and quizzes. The premium subscription will enable the students to access the learning material even while they are offline. Hence premium subscription is an attractive payment model for the students.

One-Time Purchase


E-learning app like Udemy enables the users to purchase a course by paying a one time fee. Udemy has flash sales and discount sales, allowing the users to purchase these courses at lower prices. This method is more beneficial for the E learning app owner.

In-App Advertisement


The E-learning app development company ensures the provision of ad placement to generate extra income for the E-learning app like Byjus and Udemy Company.

Essential Features in E-learning App Development


A. Features for Student App


– Signup via Mail id/Mobile Number

– Analytics

– Purchase Courses

– Multiple Payment Option

– Push Notification

– Discussion Forum and Groups

– Provide Review and Feedbacks for teachers

– Connect with a mentor via chat or video call

– Profile Management

B. Features of Parents App


– Easy Login

– Course Tracking

– Attendance Tracking

– Analytics and Report

– Connect with mentor

– Subscription Management

C. Features of Teachers App


– Teacher login

– Manage content

– Access to Discussion Forum and Groups

– Broadcast announcements

– Profile Management

– Push Notification

– Receive Feedbacks & Reviews

D. Features of Admin App


– Content Management

– User Management

– Analytics

– Feedbacks and Issue Management

– Session Management

– Course Management

– Income Tracking

– Monitor Forums and Groups

Advanced Features to be implemented by E-learning App Development Companies


– Leaderboards

– Share Documents & Attachments

– Track Courses & Classes

– Multiple Language

– Content Management Software

E-learning App like Byjus & Udemy App Development Cost


We are delighted to know that you are interested in E-learning App Development. We hope our blog post has enlightened you with the necessary information and details regarding how to develop an e-learning app like Byjus & Udemy.

The app owner plan to integrate the courses plays an integral part while determining the cost of e-learning app development. If the app is focused on a certain section of learner group or society also plays a role in determining the scale of the app. Some apps focus on regular learners from the age of 13- 25 or learners who want to expand their current skillset(mostly employees) or a very young group. All these factors determine the scale of the app.

If you have an energetic idea to bring a new e-learning app to the market, don’t sit and relax on the idea. Grab the opportunity now. To get more info regarding the deployment of your e-learning app, we encourage you to have a conversation with your E-learning app development company.

We, Appienz, can help you develop the state of the art E-learning app to help you kickstart your venture; our E-learning solution will attract users of all age group and is highly flexible according to your requirements. We focus on implementing flawless solutions and cater to our client’s requirement in the best manner possible.

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