How We Developed Doctor’s App is an online doctor consultation app in alternative medicine stream, offers complete telemedicine solutions for the users and their family’s health and medical needs. It is also introduce the natural way of living with gut healt and food therapy.

Application Profile

Industry: Healthcare Industry
App Type: Doctor Appointment Booking and Medicine Delivery App
Technology Used:
Target Market: Patients who want to explore the potential of Alternate medicine like Homeopathy, Ayurvedha, Siddha Treatment through digital consultation.

Basic Idea of the Client/Framework given by our client

AltMeds is an application that enables patients to consult an alternative medicine practitioner and get treatment on the go. The app connects hospitals, doctors and pharmacists for the smooth running of the service. The app will help patients to utilize the treatment like Homeopathy, Ayurvedha and Siddha Medicine.

A Brief Explanation

The true potential and recognition of ancient treatment like Ayurvedha, Siddha and Homeopathy are unexplored by the latest generation. To help people realize the power and efficiency of these treatments, the application we develop will reach the hands of the common people, and the glory and faith in these treatments can be restored.

Ayurveda, Siddha, Homeopathy and modern medicine are unique on their own; the app aims to improve the reach of these alternatives to modern medicine, which has adverse side effects in the hands of common people by enabling them to get effective treatment with just a few taps on their mobile devices. The AltMed App connects users to hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies, ensuring prompt delivery of treatment and medicines. As a leading Mobile App Development Company that has handled many healthcare projects, We were confident in giving our best to the project and produce a useful solution for our client.

Solution We Developed

As a leading doctor appointment booking app development company in Kerala, We already had insights on developing the best doctor appointment booking app development solution and have been able to deliver top-notch mobile apps to various clients of the same industry. Appienz: Mobile App Development company successfully developed a mobile app with an efficient and easy to use UI/UX for people of all age group, keeping in mind our app will be used by senior citizens or people with less knowledge in technology.

Our solution enabled patients to connect with the doctor or hospital via the app through online consultation or physical consultation, whichever they preferred. After consultation, a digital copy of their prescription will be sent to them, and they can choose to deliver medicines. The solution we, Appienz: Leading Mobile App Development company, developed had the following workflow

– The user has to log in via his mobile number, or email id, or social media account like Facebook, Instagram, apple id (for IOS Devices)

– The patient can select the necessary treatment or therapy he is looking for and choose the best doctors and practitioners in the respective hospitals or clinics and choose the date and time slot for appointment

– He/she can consult the doctor online or offline, and after confirming his/her appointment, a push notification will be sent to both the doctor and patient. Their mobile calendars will be synced and updated, helping them to notify their appointment.

– After the consultation, the patient will receive a electronic copy of their prescription and they could choose whether or not to receive medicines from pharmacists connected to the app at their doorstep. Our app has integration of various payment platform for the seamless transaction processes.

Limitations We Faced

All the challenges were overcome by our team spirit, dedication by the whole team of Appienz: Mobile App Development company. We strive towards perfection of each project we handle, and this simple working mechanism helped us to achieve many marvels

– To improve the availability of hospitals and doctors in the app for the patients

Solutions: Appienz:Mobile App Development company in Kerala developed a platform which enabled the doctors or hospitals to list themselves within just a few taps on their mobile devices.We have simplified the login procedure and integrated a smooth and easy to use UI for all the users .

– How can the app can be implemented, or the overall experience can be improved for non-tech-savvy customers

Solution: We made the UI/UX of the app very accessible and straightforward for users of all age groups and even to non-technical background

– How can the patient can share their current reports or prescriptions etc?

Solutions: Appienz integrated features which enabled users to scan and download their prescriptions and medical data for the reference for the doctor.

Key Features

– Multiple payment platforms for an easy and seamless transaction

– Multiple language support for the implementation of the app throughout the globe for users from all background.

– Review& Feedback

– IN-app Communication:Video call or voice call

– Calender syncing

– Search Filters

– Prescription Dashboard which enabled users to scan,download their reports/prescriptions and other medical documents

– Customer Relationship Management software to handle customer data for simplified administration and management.

– Order Tracking of your medicines.

– Geolocation

Benefits of Altmed App

By implementing such an app or platform in your hospital. You will be able to

– Provide your treatment and service to a larger customer base

– Systematic management of the doctor’s appointment and consultations

– Saves time and cost for both doctors and patients

– Improve the popularity and restore the trust of alternative medicine among the common man

– Provide effective treatment within seconds

– Prevent the patients getting scammed from improper treatment from unqualified personnel


The altmeds app is one of the many unique projects completed by Appienz:Leading Mobile App Development company in Kerala. Our healthcare mobile app development solutions allowed our clients to enter the market with a feature rich app and implement the app on a large scale. We are successful in implementing our company’s mission of developing useful mobile app solutions which benefits the society and also we were successful in implementing the mission and vision of our client’s. We are so happy to collaborate with such an ambitious team and look forward to work with more energetic team like Alt Meds.

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