How We Developed Food Order App MyMenu

mymenu is a complete solution for hotel industry and has precence in 45+ countries. It has one primary objective – that is to up sell your food by presenting it in the best way possible. It’s simplistic easy to use interface creates a fluid experience which keeps your guests engaged and ordering more!

Application Profile

Industry: Restaurant & Hospitality Industry
App Type: Restaurant Menu integration and Food Ordering App for Restaurant
Technology Used:
Target Market: Restaurants/Restaurant chains aiming at upgrading their dining experience and add the flavour of innovation at their businesses.

Basic Idea of the Client/Framework given by our client

The My-Menu application is a food ordering application fundamentally. But the unique selling point of this application is that it enables restaurants to integrate the menu into a QR code. The customer can choose his/her dish and complete payment through the application. The My-Menu application also enables the customer to order online from the My-Menu app implemented restaurant, which gets delivered to their doorstep.

A Brief Explanation

The My-menu application is an All-in-one food menu platform that can be integrated into restaurants regardless of the scale of the restaurant. Our clients approached us requiring an app with a seamless User experience and provided the app with a premium feel throughout. My menu has been successful since the release of the platform across 100+ restaurants and 45+ countries. We are confident about our skills and resources at Appienz: Mobile app Development Company in Kerala.

Solution We Developed

We, Appienz: Mobile App Development Company, conducted market studies and surveys, how the ordering experience in a restaurant can be improved through a mobile app and how implementing such technology will affect the customer’s experience. In our study, we understood that Customers preferred a seamless experience while implementing such innovation.

Appienz developed a food menu solution that had three options

– Tablet Menu: In this option, the restaurant can allot electronic tablet devices to their waiters, and the tablet will be connected to a server, where an order will collect from a respective table, and a copy of the order will be circulated to the kitchen with the individual table number, and a copy will be maintained till the payment is complete. Optionally a menu card will be distributed to the customers, or the next option which we are about to discuss will be generated. Waiters will collect the order, and the order can be updated by the waiter through the tablet. At the end , Customers can pay through the orthodox way of credit/debit cards or cash or wallets.

– QR Generated Menu: Each table will have a QR code placed through which the customer can access the menu and choose the item he wants either through the app or through the waiter. The customer can complete the payment process through the payment platforms provided. This solution is in heavy demand due to the pandemic because of which customers prefer a safer restaurant experience. This helps the whole dining experience to another level.

– Online Ordering: Online ordering is similar to the online food delivery app development solutions where customers can order their favourite dishes from the restaurant’s menu and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Limitations We Faced

All the challenges were overcome by our team spirit, dedication by the whole team of Appienz: Mobile App Development company. We strive towards perfection of each project we handle, and this simple working mechanism helped us to achieve many marvels

– The uncertainty over whether the app/server will handle heavy traffic during peak times and what if there is a server crash, how can the restaurant continue working at such a stage.

Solution: Our technology stack and the app were made to undergo many quality assurance and pressure tests before releasing the app, enabling us to deliver a flawless solution that prevents server crash or app crash during peak times. The whole app and data is backed up and can be restored very quickly.

– How can the app can be implemented, or the overall experience can be improved for non-tech-savvy customers

Solution: We made the UI/UX of the app very accessible and straightforward for users of all age groups and even to non-technical background.

– What if the restaurant adopts a new theme or conducts a dining event? Can the menu and the UI be updated accordingly?

Solution: Our app can be customized in any way the restaurant admin wants, and with colour accents, the menu can be easily changed accordingly.

Key Features

– Multiple payment platforms for an easy and seamless transaction

– Review& Feedback

– Customer Relationship Management software- Identify repeating customers and new customers so that the restaurant can provide a better dining experience suited to each customer

– Update menu and price

– Highly customizable UI

– Dynamic user interface and dashboard

– Multiple language support for the implementation of the app throughout the globe for customers from all background. ‘

Benefits of My-Menu App

– Improve dining experience

– Provide a premium/Luxury feel for the customer

– Improve sales and attract new customers

– Maintain a track of sales and orders

– Improve the efficiency of the management

– Improve customer satisfaction


The my-menu app is one of the many unique projects we handled at Appienz: Leading Mobile app development company in Kerala. We were confident of providing a feature-loaded mobile app development solution to our clients. Our team, as usual, had a passionate and exciting approach towards this project. The project was delivered on time, and our clients were delighted with our solutions and after-sales service.

If you are on the lookout for hiring the best mobile app development company that can handle unique and ambitious projects like this one. Contact us to get a free quote from us.

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